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At Klik Digital, we respect your privacy and handle it with care. Please take a moment to read our Privacy Policy regarding the information Klik Digital and its affiliates may collect. Klik Digital (“Klik Digital”) has developed the below privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) in regards of using personal information you submit on Klik.Digital website (“Site”).

Collected Information

Klik Digital gets access to your personal information shared on the Site by filling in contact or request form or sending us an email. This information is obtained in order for Klik Digital to contact you and address your business requests and needs. Your information may also be used for the following purposes:

• Site personalization. Your information may be used by Klik Digital to personalize your experience with the Site by selecting and showing content Klik Digital believes could be beneficial to you. This will allow you to have more practical and useful experience.

• Demographic data. Your personal information may be used by Klik Digital to collect demographics data, such as location, size, and requests, of our current and potential clients.

• Account-related communication. Klik Digital may provide you information related to your business account in event you become a client.

Use of cookies

Klik Digital uses Cookies on the Site. Cookies are small text files with ID tags that are stored on your computer’s browser directory or program data subfolders. They allow Klik Digital to recognize you and your information when you access the Site in order to better serve your business needs. Cookies are used for the following reasons:

• For Site Personalization. Cookies are used to better personalize your experience on the Site by showing content that is beneficial and of interest to you.

• Audience size assessment. Unique cookie is assigned to each Site visit, which is later used to estimate the size of the audience and the degree of repeat visits.

• To analyze visitors’ behavior. Cookies provide valuable information which can be used to enhance, renew and improve features and functions offered by Klik Digital. As a result, visitors will get better, more useful content and services.

Classification of the cookies used on the Site:

• Essential Cookies: this category of cookies is essential for providing our services and accessing some areas of the Site.

• Essential Cookies: this category of cookies is essential for providing our services and accessing some areas of the Site.

• Essential Cookies: this category of cookies is essential for providing our services and accessing some areas of the Site.

Using the Site implies that you accept the use of cookies in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Web browsers normally accept cookies automatically. However, you may configure your browser so that all cookies will be refused or you will be notified when a cookie is sent. In order to enable, disable, or delete cookies, follow the instructions provided by your browser which are usually located in the “Tools”, “Help”, or “Edit” tabs. Disabling a cookie or category of cookie does not delete the cookie that was previously saved in your browser, so you will need to delete it manually. Please note, if your browser blocks all cookies, including essential ones, then you may not be able to access the Site completely or some particular parts of it. If you need more information about cookies, how to locate and manage them, please visit the following website: http://www.allaboutcookies.org/ Cookies section will be updated periodically to address changes to the cookies we use. Please visit this Privacy Policy regularly to stay up to date with cookie-related information.

personal information

Klik Digital does not share collected information about you with third parties.


Klik Digital uses industry standard security procedures to protect your personal information shared with us through the Site. We safeguard it from unauthorized disclosure, use, alteration, or destruction. However, please remember, that Internet security is not perfect, so when data is transferred over the Internet, it can potentially be compromised.

Children-related Privacy

The Site is designed to be used by adults only. It is not expected that the Site is accessed by children under 13. Klik Digital shall not seek to obtain, store, distribute or use any children-related information.

Contact Us about Privacy Policy

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at: info@klik.solutions.